„Actually, she was always there - in my head.“

From an early age she either helped at falling asleep or triggered the unrest. I recognised that this idea would only come true with the help of a strong team. There would be no other way in order to get the Stearman out of my head out onto the tarmac. If you share a dream it could come true. So the search began, in the medical sense, „completely uncontested pathological aviation enthusiasts.“
When I turned 14 years I started to fly and embark a career on the glider. It was exactly the same anxiety and the same urge that directed me to the airfield. Already 25 years have passed by now and during this years I became familiar with the aviation-scene and of course with all the aviation enthusiasts in it.

On the basis of frequent professional contacts and the passion for flying the „Stearman-Crew“ was formed very quickly. But without the aircraft we would only have shared sweet dreams. And suddenly, when the time was ripe -she- the „N60HW“ was there. It all happened in a blink of an eye, because it was simply „our“ plan. You will find out who we are in the chapter „Stearman-Crew“.
A very succsessfull german car designer and pilot Mr. Warkuss took the decision to sell his biplane after he enjoyed all the special moments. He transfered his aviation business to our hands. We have dedicated Mr. Warkuss his own chapter in the „Briefing Document“ in order to explain „the soul of N60HW“, as well as to respect his lifetime projekt.

With the wooden propeller and the sonoric deep sound of the 7-cylinder-„conti“-symphony the aircraft electrifies on ground and in the air.

If you are able to read this „Briefing Document “ emotionless you will find some „hard“ facts in the chapter „Boeing Stearman“.

A strong team also need strong partners to conserve the goals that are being reached so far and to preserve them for the future. Our future thoughts and wishes are accomplished in the chapter „partner“ and „future“.